What can the community do to assist the High School Seniors not going to College?


    Pretty soon it will be High School graduation.

    According to published statistics, 46% of the Satellite Beach High School Seniors will NOT be going to college.

    Some will chose the military which will guide them and give them a career. They will be OK!

    What about the others?

    Should High School Seniors be sentenced to minimum wage jobs the rest of their lives because they did not make it to college?

    1. Some Seniors don’t want to go to college and I say that is one the hardest lessons in life learned way to late. If there has been no push or incentive by the parents to get the kids educated beyond High School, they have already failed.
    2. I am not advocating borrowing $100,000 for college either. General curriculum classes and Community College can lower the financial burden. 4 years in the military is another option to lower the burden.
    3. If you haven’t taken the time during your kids 4 years in High School to explain personal finance, credit and how much it costs to live these days, you have failed your children already.
    4. Financial woes are the #1 cause of divorce in America. Love might get a couple started, but financial woes will sure be a quick ending.
    5. There is a lot of money in Satellite Beach and more coming in everyday with million dollar homes and $600,000+ Condos.
    6. Surely there must be a program the city can pioneer to give these graduating seniors an extra chance and an extra hand to be able to learn a trade or career that will not have them financially doomed for life.
    7. Is this too much to ask for our youth? Certainly not.
    8. If we plan now, we can make a huge difference in the lives of all these kids that we, as parents, do want them to see them learn a lesson in life the hard way.
    9. Sit down with your kids and explain how much a house payment cost, a car payment, car insurance, gas, food, medical, mobile phone service, the internet, utilities, etc. each month. Then do the math with your kids. Minimum wage is not going to cover it.
    10. We can do something about it if we care enough to act.