Wedding Photographers


    Photo by Satellite Beach Daily Staff

    People need to make a living as professional photographers which I can greatly understand.

    However, I do not believe that couples getting married should have to fork over $2,000 to $3,000 for a wedding photographer. If you are extremely wealthy and can afford the best, sure it is your money. For the rest of us in the working class, that is a lot of money to spend to capture the memories of your wedding. Most people cannot afford that amount and should not be denied the chance to have professional wedding photos.

    If you look around, you can probably find some-one that is professional caliber with a digital camera, friends, family etc. that can do just as good a job as a so-called professional charging $2,000+.

    There are some people with a natural photographers eye that can capture splendid photos and there are other so-called professionals with $10,000 worth of camera equipment that cannot capture the moment or the story. So why take a risk on your special day?

    Camera equipment is important, knowing how to use it is important, however the most important thing about wedding photography is to capture the entire story of the day. Something the couple will be able to look back years later and relive the entire day from the wedding photos.

    Couples need to agree with the photographer on a few things, in a signed contract to protect themselves when hiring a wedding photographer:

    1. How many photos are guaranteed to be delivered?
    2. What resolution will the photos be delivered in?
    3. What size will the photos be in pixels or mb’s?
    4. Photos of the venue setup, bride and groom preparation, ceremony and reception. Photos details for all these events should be agreed to in writing.
    5. Guaranteed date when the photos will be delivered.
    6. Guarantee of the media (cd, dvd, usb thumbdrive, memory stick) the photos will be delivered in
    7. Mention any agreements for physical prints.
    8. The hours and events the photographer is suppose to be working

    You can look on Google and find contract examples to cover yourself on this special day. Why leave it to risk?

    Do not feel like you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money for good photos. There are some excellent photographers out there willing to help without breaking the bank.

    Make it a special day, where you are not worrying about spending $2,000+. Save that money for the honeymoon!