Unboxing Cabela’s 11,200 Kw Outdoorsmen Gas Generator


    With the lessons learned from Hurricane Irma, a gas generator purchase was inevitable. After doing a ton of research and shopping around, settled on the Cabela’s 11,200 Kw Outdoorsmen Series Gas Generator with remote start for $999 with free shipping.

    Unboxing the generator, we find one parts box containing the wheels, front support mount, bottle of 10-30w oil and a funnel. That is pretty much it.

    Installation of the wheels, front support mount, attach wiring to the battery, fill with oil and gas and you are ready for its first test run.

    There is a very colorful quick installation guide to assist with installation. 

    Installing the wheels and center brace took only 5 minutes.

    The generator has a built in handle which makes pulling the generator around on the wheels quite easy.

    Stay tuned for the next story and video of when we actually test start the new Cabela’s Gas Generator and go over it’s many features.