The Big After Christmas Sales Scams


    The big after Christmas sales scams are on all over the Melbourne Mall.

    H&M has signs up all over the store $5, $7, $10 etc. What they don’t tell you is that is the starting price only. Not everything in that section is $5, only the lowest priced item might be $5 and there is only 1 of those at that price.

    Macy’s seemed to be the worst. Offering racks at 70% to 80% off, only to find out this marked off price is off an incredibly ridiculously marked up price. Who in their right mind would price a no name and I mean no name, poor quality tee-shirt at $49, then offer it for 80% off $9.99. $9.99 was probably over priced in the first place.

    JC Penny’s did have a very, very, very small selection of take an additional 60% off the original 50% items but there was extremely limited product selection. I was able to get my son to US Polo sweaters for $8.95 which is a great price.

    Others stores such as Yankee Candle offering 75% off them you find out is for tea size candle in limited selection area only.

    In summary, the sales are just misleading right now and not a good time to be out retail shopping.