Thanksgiving Holiday Comes to an End


    As I was driving south on I-95, I marveled at how many cars were coming south this afternoon. I thought to myself all these folks had hit the road for the Thanksgiving Holiday and now it was time to get home and get ready for work tomorrow.

    Thanksgiving is the best when you have the time to take off and spend it with family. This often involves arduous road trips getting both to and from the holiday location. However, if you have to stay in Satellite Beach, life goes on much and the holiday is spent with those in your house.

    Time is spent watching football, scouring the internet for Black Friday Sales or actually braving the stores; although I did not see any crowds at Walmart on Satellite Beach.

    The internet sales proved frugal as well, with NO must have purchases this year, compared with many last year. The Google Home Mini for $29 was about the only thing that caught my attention this go round.

    It was off to Sam’s where once again nothing caught my eye, then Sunday morning a trip to the Zoo which was nice and cool.

    Tomorrow it is back to work, a reminded of how wonderful holidays are and how much we like holidays more than going to work.

    The good news is Christmas break will start in another 3 weeks or so. We won’t have to wait to long for more time off.