T-Mobile Personal Cell Spot


Are you a T-Mobile customer that lives beachside and has spotty cellular services or problems with calls dropping? The the T-Mobile Personal Cell Spot if for you!

The CellSpot is a great deal for T-Mobile users who don’t get a cell signal at home. Not only is it free (after a $25 deposit which can be waived, and with NO monthly fees), it’s also an excellent Wi-Fi router delivering excellent performance and a great set of features, rivaling the best home routers on the market. But that’s to be expected, since it earned CNET’s Editors’ Choice Award for super-fast performance and top-notch features.

And as a cell signal supporting device, the CellSpot worked very well with handsets that support Wi-Fi calling. I was able to make calls via the CellSpot’s Wi-Fi signal, even in places where there was no regular cell signal at all, with great call quality.

All things considered, for T-Mobile customers, the CellSpot is an outstanding deal with no catches.

Attached is a setup guide https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-10864