SurfRat Designs



SurfRat Designs is a brand not averse to putting time and effort into making every board the best it can be.

We understand the quintessential importance of our boards maintaining the highest quality and reliability standards expected within the surf community, and that many of these standards are sadly no longer met in today’s corporate under culture. 

We at SurfRat Designs make a pledge to all our clients that as more and more surf companies are dragged into the depths of Davy Jones’s consumerist locker, SurfRat will always rise to the surface, ready for the next wave. 


Just like every wave is different, every break is different. This is something learned by a surfer. For just that reason there is no one “catch-all” surf board. Sure there are “standards” that will do the job, but when you are looking to be one with the ocean you need a personal touch, and this is what is missing in Flagler County. As of now, for the most part you have to travel either up towards Jacksonville or down toward Miami to get a high quality custom board shaped, and even then they are being shaped by men and women whose experience is drawn from a different surfing experience. We aim to be the local business for the Flagler local, one of the family, and more importantly for a shaper, one who draws their experience and inspiration from the same wave as they do.

What makes SurfRat different from other board shapers in Florida is it will be run not only by a great shaper who has knowledge of waves spanning the globe, but in partnership with a master’s level graphic designer with 5+ years of experience designing and hand applying designs to surf boards. With this level of experience and hands-on craftsmanship, SurfRat becomes the only boutique quality surf board design and customization business on the northeast coast of Florida