Spotlight: Tru Phonic


    Happened to be at Rusty’s tonight in Port Canaveral. Jake Salters and Mike Burns from the band Tru Phonic were playing live. Jake Salters is a very talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Mike Burns played awesome trumpet, guitar and is an awesome vocalist himself.

    Tru Phonic is the name of the entire band and they can be found on Facebook:

    They have released their first single titled: “Money Don’t Buy Me Time” and it is as professional a song as you will ever here. Very catchy tune. Simply amazed our local guys created this awesome tune.

    You can support the band by buying their single “Money Don’t Buy Me Time” on the Band Camp Website by clicking here:

    TRU PHONIC – “Money Can’t Buy Me Time”

    Single released August 11, 2017
    Music/Arrangement- Jake Salter, Corbin Nappi
    Lyrics- Jake Salter

    Guitars- Jake Salter
    Drums- Corbin Nappi
    Keyboard- Michael Gass
    Bass- Jake Salter
    Saxophone- Jorge Ramos
    Trumpet- Mike Burns
    Percussion- Pat Bautz



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