Satellite Beach Chamber Music Muscle Car Extravaganza a Huge Success!


    The Satellite Beach Chamber Music Muscle Car Extravaganza at 3500 Sarno Road in Melbourne this evening was a huge success.

    It could have been very easy to get lost in the multi-millions of dollars of exotic cars, if it were not for the leaders, organizers, musicians and volunteer staff focusing on the important task of raising funds for the Satellite Beach High School Chamber Musician Program.

    Museum owner Mark Pieloch was very generous in allowing the use of his museum to host this gala event. Mark is owed a debt of gratitude by all in attendance for his kind generosity.

    A special thanks to Jensee Lee for the invitation and for all the effort she puts in for the kids music program. You really are an angel!

    My first thought this evening, while watching the chamber musicians play, was that if each child around the world was endowed or given the gift to play music, the world would be free of hate and a much safer place to live.

    These students musicians are not only extremely gifted musicians, they are very proper and polite. Excellent leadership has steered them in the right direction and to a successful life and future.

    We as parents and citizens need to keep up the fund raising efforts and ensure every child that wants to play music is able to get an instrument and instruction.

    Fund raisers like this are a step in the right direction and we need to do more for the lower income kids to get them involved in music and off the streets at an earlier age.

    I applaud the families and the student musicians who are really outstanding examples of what youth today can be; with a little guidance and love.

    Todays event proves anything is possible with the efforts of dedicated leaders, staff and volunteers.

    I am very honored to see how hard everyone worked to make this event a success.

    These kids are an example of how positive the future can be and they will make a huge difference in this world. We need to continue the fund raising efforts to reach as many children as we can, regardless of income level, and introduce them to the gift of music.

    We can make a difference, one child at a time.

    Thank you to all those who made this event a success!

    Liz Alward, Senior Legislative Aide to the District 2 Commissioner