Lost in the Tranquility of the Beach


    (Assuming the beach is not all covered in smelly seaweed!)

    A visit to the beach first thing in the morning is very refreshing and many people take advantage and go for a walk in the morning. The tranquility of the sound of the waves is very peaceful and relaxing. The sunrise is now around 7:30 and that is a great time for a beach walk. I like going to the beach in the morning before going to work, assuming it is not muggy and sticky with tons of salt spray. The beach has a way of sending your mind to a simpler place and time; If only temporary, before real life sets in and off to mundane work we go. No wonder retiree’s are so happy!

    I use Amazon Echo at home to ask Alexa to play Ocean Sounds so that I may enjoy the sound of the beach from inside my home. Of Course it is not substitute for the real thing, however the real world can be quite noisy at times.

    Next time you are on your way to work, stop by the beach and watch the sun come up. It might make your day very happy and enjoyable.