Life in a Quiet Beach Town


    Satellite Beach is home for many of us. As far as beach towns go, the allure of the sand and sea is about all many residents have to look forward to. Satellite Beach certainly does not have a lot going on and I can never understand how A1A can support 4 major hotels.

    Ever wonder why people come to Satellite Beach and stay in a beach hotel? The beach is certainly not world class and aside of picking up shells or getting a tan, there is really nothing to do.

    There are no world class restaurants here or entertainment venues here either. However the locals seem to do fine with any roadside joint that has a bar and serves drinks; while masquerading as a restaurant.

    There are really no activities for kids after they get out of school, no amusement parks, putt-putt or anything else. A movie is the most one can hope for.

    Only 47% of the local high school students make it to college, therefore condemning the other 53% to a mundane life of minimum wage. It has to grow old and stressful not having the financial means to get away once in a while or forever. Or to really understand what is outside of the next wave at Satellite Beach.

    Costs are being driven up by high rise developments, costs the local working class can no longer afford. The Mom and Pops are closing down and being run out of business by the franchises that are spread all over town.

    Many will be trapped here forever, in a working class economy, never understanding the world is round, or all the knowledge and acceptance to be learned from traveling to far away lands.

    Hurricanes threaten us on a yearly basis, bringing in destruction, stress and misery; just in time to clean up the mess before the next.

    Friends are far an few. Handcuffed in a working class economy where there is no time for face to face friends. Friendship has been redefined by Facebook, where people are falsely lulled in thinking they have more friends than they really do. 

    When the party invitations are sent out, we find that many of these so called friends show up when there is someone for them to gain personally or else do not show up at all. Who wants friends like that?

    Just as the past 20 years have generated huge changes to our way of life, the next 20 years will change us even more. Can we accept the advent of technology ruling our lives over personal relationships?

    Life in a Quiet Beach town. I am happy to capture the memories today, for sometime in the future I will want to look back and reminisce how swell life was. I will gladly cherish any real friend, who can put down their Facebook long enough to truly understand who I am.