Las Vegas Massacre Senseless


What a senseless and cowardly act to shoot concert goers from a hotel window. A person with no beef with any of the concert goers randomly kills 58 innocent victims before taking his own life. Over 20 guns reported in the hotel room is evidence of a well planned, pre-meditated attack.

What would prompt a person to flip off the deep end and plan such a heinous act of violence? That will be one for the experts to figure out, however, we can surmise that the “Mental Health” of this killer became unbalanced somewhere along the way in recent weeks.

The anti-gun advocates will be out in force, however, the guns did not shoot themselves. It could have been guns, a bomb, plowing a car into the crowd, stabbings, you name it.

Had the media not sensationalized and financially capitalized on these heinous acts of violence around the world, perhaps there would be less of them happening?

To give constant 24 hour media coverage to financially capitalize on death is wrong and should be stopped. Do you agree?