Troybilt 3550W Gas Generator Rebuild


    Video: Troybilt 3550W Generator is Alive.

    So whats the story behind this video?  You see I was bored. And I was looking for something to do. I was looking on craigslist to find something that was broke that I could repair.   When I mentioned this to a friend, she promptly produced a list of 10 things that I could work on her for.   But shes nice and it was only in jest.  Shes not the type to take advantage of people…..I think….lol

    Since I was hungry I decided to drive to publix for food and on the way there I noticed a generator out on the curb. I’m shy so I felt uneasy about picking it up and decided on my way back I would consider picking it up.

    On the way back the owner Chris was outside so I decided to talk to him, “are you throwing your generator away?”, I said. He said he was 50/50 and that he might actually work on it and that it doesn’t run very well. So I said, “well I’m bored and I’m looking for something to work on”. He replied, “well lets throw it in the truck, I want a new one anyway.”

    When I got it home it didn’t work at all….lol…..Couldn’t even start it. Long story short, after about 10 hours work spread over two weeks, and the replacement of the carburetor and magneto for 35 dollars it runs like a champ…..The engine sound is music to my ears.

    There is one issue still and that is the oil sensor switch is busted and would shut off the engine if I didn’t bypass it.  Its too expensive to replace it but thats ok…Ill just have to make sure the oil level is good when I use it.

    Although, its not the most powerful generator at 3550 watts at least it will keep my beer cold.

    Until the next post,

    The Dr.