Florida Traveler’s Trying to Escape Hurricane IRMA shocked at Airfare Prices


Link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/travelers-complain-steep-airfares-try-escape-hurricane-irmas-path-224013499.html

Yahoo Finance looked at prices using Matrix Airfare Search by the ITA Matrix, a tool for searching the lowest fares on every airline.

At the time of this writing, a one-way ticket from Fort Lauderdale to Newark for Wednesday, Sept. 6 costs $1,326 on Delta Airlines (DAL) with a layover in Atlanta, while another flight on the same route at a slightly different times costs $1,526.

A one-way, non-direct economy ticket on Delta from Miami to New York, with a layover in Minneapolis-St. Paul, costs anywhere between $873 and $1,358, the site shows. A Delta ticket from Miami to Boston, with an overnight layover in Orlando, is going for $1,879.

Shame on you @delta. Jacking from $547 to over $3200 for people trying to evacuate responsibly?