Climb every mountain………and navigational buoy


    Strange things have been washing ashore on the space coast.   This is due to the recent hurricanes and weather.  What this means is a fun day at the beach and a good time exploring.

    Today I explored the beach near Patrick AFB and found a green navigational buoy washed ashore.   Green is for starboard and red is for port…but that all depends on which way your going.   Remember the rule Red Right Return.   This means the red buoy is on your right as you return to the body of land.

    Luckily there was a nice lady there today with two gentleman who took my picture on top of the buoy.   I need to remember to get peoples names when I report on things….doh!

    The navigational buoy wasn’t the only thing to wash ashore lately.  About two weeks ago I went to Spessard Holland south beach and investigated the ghost ship.   This is massive sail boat dragged all the way from key west to find its resting place near Melbourne Fl.

    If you should venture to the beach to see these things, make sure to note all the seaweed and erosion from our recent storms.


    That’s all for now,


    The Dr.