Caution Beach Goer’s


Windy conditions and rough surf mean dangerous conditions exist and entering the water is not advisable. Strong rip currents exist up and down Satellite Beach. 5 students from Georgia exited their tour bus to go swimming in dangerous conditions and ended up getting rescued and sent to the hospital. We can only thank God they are safe.

To get from the bus to the surf, they had to walk right past a sign just like this one. There was apparently no parental leadership point out the fact of rough surf and dangerous rip currents. The students were trapped in the rip current and were lucky to be rescued.

The signs are their for a reason. The lifeguards fly a red flag for a reason. The ocean can be a fatal place, if you are not familiar with rip currents and rough surf.

Please folks, provide guidance and common sense so that we can all enjoy the beach with no fatalities. It is going to be a long summer, keep your eye out and educate those that do not know how dangerous the surf can be.