Protesters That Don’t Matter


    What is the purpose of protesting something that doesn’t even matter? Like Trump’s Taxes? I personally could care less unless not paying my own taxes would get me thrown in prison. If you understand the world, the rich always get away with things others cannot; but who cares. It does not affect my daily life one bit. I am too busy working, supporting my family and trying to pay my own bills.

    What is amazing is Trump’s tax protesters, who are all Democrats, can organize and gather in 150 cities. Yet they never organize or protest anything important. Is this just retaliation for being sore election losers?

    Now I have to ask why these same protesters cannot get organized and do something about the homeless, the hungry, the Veterans, the foster kids, supporting the police, inner city Chicago murders, hate crimes and a host of other important issues that do affect people’s real lives?

    Isn’t protesting because you did not get your own way selfish and self-serving? What exactly are Trump’s tax records going to prove? Honestly, do these same protesters think ALL politicians are squeaky clean?

    Where are the Benghazi Protesters? Where are the email server protesters? Where are the Bernie Sanders protesters when the DNC railroaded him for Hillary?

    This protest is about whining. Losers whine when they do not get their way. I wonder if any of the protesters who returned home had a life changing experience because they protested on Easter weekend when they should have been home with their families and the lord?

    America is in a sad state, brought on my the fake media whose job these days is to incite people to sell more advertising. 

    Shame on you media, shame on you protesters. Hope you enjoy your day at work tomorrow because nothing changed.