Impersonal Medical Care

    Stethoscope wrapped around hundred dollar bills

    When doing a recent search for an OB/GYN I was shocked to read all the poor reviews for local doctors in the Melbourne, Florida area.

    One PhD wrote a review stating a certain woman OB/GYN was wacko and should not be allowed to practice medicine at all????

    Reviews are scattered all over the place from horrified to great.

    What thing I did learn from contacting a few places is the impersonal nature medical care is becoming.

    Ring, ring. “Hello! What insurance company do you have?”

    Don’t you want to know my name, who you are speaking with, etc. etc.?

    I guess without the proper insurance, you just do not matter.

    Here I am today waiting for a return call from our nurse, from yesterday morning at 11:00

    Called the office once already today, passed to voice mail. No response.

    Medical care is so impersonal these days. All about taking your money while finding more ways to become impersonal. Thank goodness social media can expose some of these less than moral medical professionals.