Bike Ride to High Tower Beach: SJCAM SJ7 Star camera test.


    Today I got the chance to test out my new GoPro like video camera on a bike ride to High Tower beach in satellite beach Florida.  Its the SJ7 Star by SJCAM and is their newest version of a video camera that is able to be mounted to your bike or car and is able to take under water video as well.   The Manual can be found at SJ7 Star Manual.

    Long story short the camera performed well and I really like it.  It has a gyro in it to help stabilize the camera when mounted to my bike.   It is capable of 4K video 30 fps.

    My settings for the bike ride video were: 1080P 30 fps 16:9, Normal Video quality.  When I got to the beach I took it off the bike and walked around with it.  The music in the video is from:

    There does seem to be some fish-eye distortion and I’m contacting SJCAM about that.  But in the video its not really too bothersome.  The cost is about $200.  I look forward to taking this camera out for a boat ride.

    That’s all for now,

    The Dr.