Beach Wedding Tips


    If you plan on having a beach wedding at Pelican Beach or another beach, here are some tips to plan for:

    1. High Tide – make sure your seating/event won’t get washed out by high tide
    2. Beach Debris – Seaweed and other trash can wash up on the beach making an ugly backdrop for your wedding
    3. Wind – There is usually a nice breeze at the beach. This will mess with hairstyles, hair in the face photos, sand blowing, etc.
    4. Plan your walk down the aisle, after you get down the stairway to the beach
    5. Noise – The sound of the beach will drown out the best video recordings. If you plan on recording sound, have the camera man right next to the bride and groom.
    6. Footwear – It’s the beach. It’s sand and water. Leave your expensive shoes in the reception hall and wear sandals. You can wash your feet off before going to the reception.
    7. Heat and Humidity – Depending on the time of year, it can be extremely hot and humid, causing sweat that will ruin your best wedding photos. Plan on having a change of clothes for the reception to be fresh for reception photos.
    8. Try to keep the vows short to minimize any unforeseen events that may arise from being near the beach like salt mist, etc.
    9. Elderly guests may need assistance getting up and down the stairs to the beach.
    10. Music – If you plan on having wedding music to march down the aisle, it will have to be a system with some volume to overcome the sounds of the beach.
    11. Your wedding is your day. Despite all the things above, work with your photographer to ensure you have captured the memories of your special day with photos/videos that are to your liking.