BBQ Grills


    There are charcoal grills and there are gas grills. Beachside, grills are lucky to last 2 to 3 years due to rusting and salt. The last charcoal grill I bought, I painted with 6 coats of rustoleum paint before assembling the grill. The grill lasted about 2 years before the inside pan that holds the charcoal completely rusted through and the top had heavy rust as well.

    So the big question is how much should you invest in a grill if you know it is only going to last 2 to 3 years? Charcoal grills these days seems to be all steel construction which will rust easily due to the high heat, then cooling down causing condensation that rusts away the grill. Some of the gas grills claim to be stainless but that is not a guarantee against rust either if the stainless is cheap quality.

    Keeping the grill indoors or covered outside only seems to provide a minor relief from the inevitable rusting.

    Once again the question remains how much should you invest in a grill that will not last longer than a couple of years? 

    Just this weekend I bought a gas grill at Lowe’s on A1A. $179 on sale for a four burner grill with a side grill. The gas bottle was around $50 extra. The grill is kept out of the rain on a covered (roof) outside patio. This time around no extra paint or preparation. Bought pre-assembled and ready to go. (TIP: Gas grills required a battery to fire the ignitor). Lowe’s seemingly did not have a battery installed in the grill I purchased.

    $240 total for 2 years worth of use $240 / 24 months = $20 a month cost plus the gas.

    Seems quite high and unusual the grills don’t last longer. However, all the rusted grills I have seen on the corner waiting for pickup in Satellite Beach tell me this is a problem in this area.