Are schools that are only academically good locally, good enough for our students?

    1. Satellite Beach Senior High School 
    2. 300 Scorpion Ct, Satellite Beach, Florida 32937 | (321) 779-2000

    Is being academically good locally good enough for our students? Although it appears locally Satellite Beach High School ranks third behind Westshore and Viera, is third locally really good enough to prepare most students for college and life?

    Westshore is ranked #7 in the State of Florida, whereas Satellite Beach High School is not ranked at all!

    The following data was compiled by US News and World Report.

    This does not paint a very flattering portrait of the quality of education the students are receiving at Satellite Beach High School.

    Why is this important? In this day and age, parents should be responsible to go over the economics and finance of life, before kids get out of High School and have no chance to fix it.

    Economics and Finance means sitting down with your kids with a sheet of paper and show them exactly how much things cost like rent, car payments, car insurance, mobile phone, internet, food, gas, utility bills, etc. Then point out how much a student would need to earn to achieve those basic costs.

    Then comes the tough job of finding careers that pay enough to afford kids the basic qualities of life. Sad to say, if your child has not been taught this, they will learn a very unhappy lesson in life later on when it is too late.

    Times have changed where we cannot pick any career based on what we love to do. If you do not factor in economics and cost of survival, your child may have a very, very difficult time in life and no parent wants to see that.

    Read over the data and decide for yourself.