Amazon Echo and Google Home Mini


    Technology is bringing intelligence into your home in the form of simple voice commands. Two wonderful Christmas gifts would be the Amazon Echo and the Google Home Mini, which is on sale for $29.

    As an Amazon Prime member, I use the Amazon Echo (Alexa) for unlimited Prime Music, Voice calling, Movies and ordering from All very simple with voice commands. Alexa, order a pizza from Papa Johns!

    I use the Google Home Mini to voice activated Google Searches, weather, stories, setting alarms and more.

    Between the 2 devices, I can get news briefs, weather updates, order products from Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and others, turn on the lights, TV, and other devices.

    The intelligence of these 2 devices brings a wealth of entertainment and technology straight to your home via your voice.

    How did I ever live without them? This Christmas, the Google Home Mini is the best gift you can find for only $29.