A Day at the Space Coast Fair (41 photos)


    The Space Coast Fair was in swing this afternoon, opening at 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM with an admission charge of $15 per wristband, which lets you ride all the rides free.

    The fair is setup right beside Viera High School. High winds were blowing sand around in the midway. The back of the midway is in some wet, muddy ground, so not the ideal conditions to set up a fair.

    There are ample rides for the kids and teens for the $15 admission.

    However, what ruins the fair experience is the cost of food:

    • $12 for a corn dog and a large coke
    • $3 for a no name brand bottle of water
    • $5 for a large soda
    • $6 for a fried elephant ear
    • $8 for a 3 meatball sub and that was horrible
    • Chicken on a stick $6 each, greasy, sweat, horrible
    • Bag of Cotton Candy $4

    The games ruin the experience as well, with many games 3 shots for $5. Seriously? How can you kids have a great fair experience for these prices?

    What should be a good time, always feels like an overpriced scam and this is no exception. There is no reason, with the volume of people that the fair attracts, that food and game prices need to be so ridiculously high.

    We were there for 2.4 hours walking around and there were many games that had ZERO customers. That should tell the operators the games are overpriced, but apparently they don’t get it.