26 Jaw Dropping Celeb Swimming Pools




Rob Lowe, the ’80s teen idol, is better known these days from The West Wing and Parks And Recreation. He owns a 20-room mansion in Santa Barbara built in the style of 18th century English manors and complemented by citrus groves. To add to the grandeur, he has incorporated a two-level swimming pool. Swimming pool companies regularly cooperate with architects and landscape designers to the harmonize pool and surrounding space, like in this case.


The famous singer had built a summer home in Malibu, and naturally, for a summer house, it has to have a pool. Built in the infinity edge style, this type of pool requires swimming pool builders to make careful measurements to pull this design off. Mistakes in the drainage tank size can impact on swimming pool maintenance costs or even necessitate a pool remodeling in worst cases.


Though he also owns homes in New York, Jamaica, and Bedford, Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch in Colorado is something special. Made in the style of Old West ranches, it includes a 100-year-old barn. Something not quite Old West is the swimming pool, but it is nonetheless a great addition. We suppose there aren’t as many swimming pool companies in Colorado as there are in California, but still, Ralph Lauren’s swimming pool builders did a fantastic job.



The famous diva has recently sold her Florida mansion for $28 million. The property was known for its size and the swimming pool. In fact, it was more of a mini water park, with two pools, water slides, artificial island, and a lazy river. There weren’t many inground pool companies that could build such a thing and even after it was built, the swimming pool maintenance costs were insane. Reportedly, Celine had been fined many times for the sheer amount of water she used up!


One of Sylvester Stallone’s previously owned homes in Miami was built in a distinct Neoclassical style with strong touches of Greco-Roman influences. Nowhere was that ambiance felt more than in the swimming pool. With the color of the Mediterranean sea and surrounded by vases and statues, it also faced a bronze statue of Rocky Balboa, Stallone’s most famous character. We can only hope that whatever pool resurfacing the new owners did, they respected the triumphant statue!


The star of Grey’s Anatomy has avoided extravagance in her mansion, choosing a ’20s Mediterranean style. The same goes for the pool area – elegant and private and right next to an idyllic copse of Cypress trees. Those falling leaves, though, would add to the swimming pool maintenance costs, with all the branches and leaves cluttering the pool at times. But on the overall, the greenery adds to the charm.


The former Friends star and her husband Justin Theroux bought a mansion in Bel Air, a property which we expect to have a swimming pool lying around somewhere. If rich actors started avoiding pools, swimming pool companies would face a massive crisis. Jen’s sparkling blue pool also has a hot tub in one corner and affords swimmers a great view of both the ocean and Los Angeles.


Actor John Travolta is known (besides his films) for his collection of airplanes and the fact that his Florida home is like a mini airport. What is now so widely known is that the runways lead up to a lavish mansion that includes a huge swimming pool with a hot tub and a water slide. We assume the bigger the pool, the higher the swimming pool maintenance cost will be. But the star of Pulp Fiction and Grease has enough money for airplanes, let alone pool cleaners.


Renowned TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is well known for changing houses as frequently as once per year. Her last home, a beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills, was sold for $49 million and among the amenities is a large swimming pool. We hope the new owner does no pool remodeling as it already fits perfectly with the surrounding gardens, plus, the Brazilian granite coping is superb.


Actor Channing Tatum used his G.I. Joe money to purchase a home in Laurel Canyon, opting for a relatively smaller and more naturalistic design. The swimming pool follows this concept, as it is not the sprawling Olympic-size pool other stars favor. His pool is a smaller, free-form one with a small hot tub on one side. Not only does it keep in line with the general style of the house, but it also has reduced swimming pool maintenance requirements.


Although Mark Wahlberg did not want to go overboard while designing his home, he did get a little bit more extravagant with his pool. Decorated with waterfalls and grottos, the pool and its natural-rock-theme made its construction a bit trickier for the swimming pool builders and must have amped up the swimming pool maintenance costs. But the result is so pleasing that all is excused


Hugh Hefner has made the Playboy Mansion a byword for lavish excess and debauchery, and we all know how well a swimming pool goes with all that. The extensive pool remodeling and pool resurfacing helped create the iconic mansion recognized through photo shoots and pictures from the parties thrown there. Still, if the legends were true, we hope the swimming pool maintenance and cleaning crews do a very thorough job.


Former models Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber own a beautiful home in Malibu which, despite being quite high above the beach, has a stunning infinity pool overlooking the ocean. According to swimming pool companies, a lot of pool remodeling around the world is done to transform standard pools to the vanishing edge style.


Actor-comedian Ben Stiller has a very distinct style for his house – a mixture of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, evident even in the stairs leading to the pool. The swimming pool builders managed to maintain functionality while still conforming to the chosen style. The result brings the entire estate together.



Although the house now belongs to the Big Bang Theory‘s Simon Helberg, he bought it from the notorious Hollywood party animal, Charlie Sheen. It is a proper party pool, broad and long with discreet lighting, perfect for celebrity parties. We would advise Simon to go for a good pool resurfacing though; you can never be sure what Charlie did in there or around it.



The baseball star is another confirmation to what inground pool companies have been saying: wet edge or infinity pools are all the rage. Alex Rodriguez has a large swimming pool surrounded by environmentally conscious artificial grass and a barbecue cabana for when you need both a sizzling steak and a refreshing dive.


Famous actress Demi Moore bought this house with then-husband Ashton Kutcher and kept it after their divorce. They enjoyed the spacious pool, and as her children grew up, they too threw lavish pool parties. We might suggest a bit of pool remodeling though as some bad vibes are coming from it: in 2015, a 21-year-old man drowned there after a party.


For actress Jamie Lee Curtis, it was important to create what she considered an ideal environment for her kids, and that included a pool. Following the estate in style and surrounded by flora, it is perfect for relaxing or a quick dive. Not a bad deal, if we take into account that unless a mistake was made, pool repair is not necessary for at least a decade.


Singer/songwriter Adam Levine decided on a pool that not only served the function but also afforded him and his guests a beautiful view of the hills around the gated community of Wallingford Estates. The shape is a bit unusual, but swimming pool companies are known to do their best to please their customers, especially if they pay a lot of money.


The young music star has a number of homes, but the one in this instance is her Hidden Hills property. Surrounded by a well-manicured lawn with umbrellas and basketball nets, this looks more like a family pool than that of the hottest pop star of the last few years. Perhaps a little bit of pool remodeling could transform the typical  “Hannah Montana” pool into a bolder, “Miley” one.


Kendall Jenner got Emily Blunt’s former home, and it came with a lap pool in the back yard. It can easily be used both for lounging lazily and for vigorous swimming sessions – and let’s not forget the party opportunities! It looks good, but perhaps Kendall should go for a preemptive pool resurfacing, just in case. It’s not like the fashion model doesn’t have the cash.


The Brit with the angelic voice has bought a slice of heaven in Beverly Hills in the form of a $9.5-million estate, made perfect by a picturesque pool with an adjacent Jacuzzi. It truly is a place to relax and forget the stress of a demanding career and the constant media attention, so we guess Adele must thank swimming pool companies for providing the world with their services.


Kesha’s base in Nashville was her “zen” place, to relax and lay back whenever the pressures of her life became too great. And who could properly rest without a pool? Surrounded by tall trees and shrubs, the pool was set in a sunny clearing and decorated with natural stones. The swimming pool builders did a great job in making it look like a natural pond and fitting with the landscape.


The former Jonas Brothers member rents a place near the Sunset Strip for $40,000 a month, but before you comment on the price, take a look at the pool this place has! With a calming green color, beautiful landscaping, and a terrific view, it must be excellent to clear one’s mind after a hectic L.A. day. Besides, the swimming pool maintenance costs are covered by the rent so why be burdened by owning the property, right? If you want something like this in your backyard, better inquire how much swimming pool financing it would cost you.


Although this no longer belongs to her, Selena Gomez used to own this place, including the beautiful pool mimicking the colors of the ocean. A great spot for relaxation and parties with subtle lighting and next to a cute cabana, it is so lovely that it looks like an advertisement for swimming pool companies. Selena’s current house is smaller, but it also has a pool.


The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie’s $6-million house comes with a giant pool surrounded by water jets forming arcs over it. It is a beautiful example of what swimming pool builders can make when money is not an issue. We can’t help but be envious of Kylie, enjoying the turquoise waters and sipping a cocktail – with no alcohol for the 19-year-old, of course.